What is tub farming?

It is a new way of farming without having a farm or even a garden or even land ... you can tub-farm on the roof or an asphalt backyard.
It is also a way of farming and gardening without wearing out your back, without snails eating everything, or other pest ruining your gardening joy (like potato beetles).

A garden where you can easily weed at a good height which will not ruin your back or have you crawling on the ground ...

These are the ingrediances:

1. An IBC tank

2.Draining gravel and sand

3. Fertile compost soil

Adornments to your own taste


Step one.

Cut out the top of the tank.

We want to add real good compost with a broadspectrum composition of both macro and micro-nutrients. This is because we want to do real intense veggie growing.
The IBC tanks are not pretty, so we chose a teak cover, which we screwed into the metal frame and finished it with a frame around the top.
After we watered the soil and let it drain the surplus water, we are ready to seed -- in this case we wanted salad greens, spinnach, broccoli and sorrel. Each on picks their own favorit of course. Simply make a furrows with your finger around 4 inches apart and drop the seeds in -- you can seed fairly densely ...(no Monsanto seeds) -- they should be organic and not round-up tolerant or such - no GMO seeds !
1 week later your seedlings will be up
and 2 weeks later there will be young leaves ready to be picked and added to you daily salad-bowl ...
From now on, you will have the most healthy salad-greens you can eat. You can fortify the compost with Fertilla compost tea from your CompostEra if you have one( www.compostera.com ). Then you get greens and veggies like tomatos that have a great fragrance, great taste and a full spectrum nutrition, that gives you quiet satisfaction, like you seldom get with mass-produced food from land that has been fertilized by poor chemical fertilizer for decades -- without micro-nutrients in the soil you simply don't get a crop that has fragrance, sweet taste or a rich, healthy nutrition. Cheap massproduced veggies and other crops are intended for supermarkets where size and color are the only important features ...